World Usability Day Leipzig 2022

11/10/2022 – Our health

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On 10 November 2022 we will be inviting visitors to Leipzig for the World Usability Day (WUD) for the sixth time in a row.

The WUD is a worldwide day of action and is dedicated to one of the most important aspects of a product in our increasingly digitalised world - usability. Every day, billions of people interact with countless applications, whether privately or at work. Digitalisation has made many things not only faster, but also easier. To keep it that way, digital products must have good usability - be attractively designed and easy to use.

Call for participation

This year's WUD is themed: "Our Health". Two years of the pandemic have changed a lot. Things that used to be mostly manual have been digitised at lightning speed - also in the health sector. Telemedicine has experienced a significant upswing in this short time: be it the Corona warning app, online consultations or the handling of Corona test results.

From nutrition to mental health, the number of digital applications to maintain our health is constantly increasing. When it comes to our health, products must not only have high accuracy, but also be simple and easy to use. This is the only way to prevent avoidable errors with potentially serious consequences. A user-friendly product is quicker to operate and, as is well known, time can also save lives. Good usability is therefore an essential factor in the design of digital applications for the health sector.

How does usability - both good and bad - interact with digital health products? What impact does technological progress have on our health, our society, our planet?

This is a topic that raises far-reaching questions. In order to be able to offer all participants a strong programme as usual, we are again looking for exciting presentations that raise controversial questions or present unusual approaches.

Find our Call for Participation here.

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