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Sustainability in our company

As part of the Data Respons Group, we have set ourselves the goal of becoming CO2-neutral by 2025. Accordingly, we have drawn up a CO2 balance for our company every year since 2019 with the objective of continuously improving and getting closer to our emissions targets. In addition to specific measures to reduce our CO2 emissions, we also see it as our responsibility to help find sustainable solutions for the challenges of our time. We are always looking for greener and more efficient solutions for our projects.

In addition, our various initiatives and projects make a positive contribution to the United Nations sustainability goals.

Green energy

To meet the power requirements of our office we only use green electricity from renewable energy sources. It’s not just our computers, lights and coffee machines: even our servers for in-house systems run on electricity from sustainable energy sources. By switching to green electricity, we have already been able to significantly reduce our CO2 footprint.

Sport & responsibility

Our employees are the invaluable basis of our excellence and our success. We therefore aim to maintain and promote the health of our employees through various initiatives, such as the purchase of height-adjustable tables, a free gym and participation in company runs.

Another of these measures is our annual X Competition, in which our employees get active for climate protection. As this was only possible on bicycles in recent years, from 2022: every kilometre counts - whether on a bike, inline skating or swimming. Together we collect kilometres to protect our environment. At the end of each competition, we get together for a barbecue and party.

Planting trees

Since 2020, for every 1,000 kilometres accumulated in our competition, we have planted one tree. The trees are planted in Germany by the company PLANT-MY-TREE®. Last year we had 72 trees planted in Nobitz-Runsdorf.

The reafforestation of previously cleared areas not only binds CO2, it also creates new woodland habitats for animals and plants. Planting trees also helps to purify the air and water and protects the soil from erosion.

(photo: ©Carolin Kotte)

Jobbike & jobticket

Our employees are increasingly using bicycles or public transport for their daily commute to work. In order to make sustainable means of transport even more attractive for commuting to work, we offer the option of using a jobbike or we help finance a jobticket for the local public transport network. In this way, our employees not only save money, they are also increasingly leaving their cars at home to use more sustainable means of transport. The jobbike and the public transport jobticket are of course also available to our employees in their free time.

Mobile working & reduction of business trips

In addition to promoting sustainable means of transport for journeys to and from work, our employees also have the opportunity to spend up to 50% of their working hours at a location of their choice. Depending on the means of transport used to commute to work, this not only saves CO2, it also contributes to a positive work-life balance for our employees.

We also take measures to reduce business trips. The majority of our meetings are already held remotely, and if a business trip really cannot be avoided, our employees prefer to take a train rather than a plane wherever possible. The CO2 emissions generated by our air travel are offset by the support of climate protection projects.


Equality is important to us, and that starts with language. As an IT company, we not only see ourselves as responsible for promoting new technologies, we also have our finger on the pulse of the times in terms of social policy. In order to promote a culture of equal opportunities, we are gradually adopting gender-appropriate language in our written communication. In addition, we are proud to bring people from different 20 nations together in our company for exciting projects and company events.

Times change and with them the demands on the modern world of work. In order to do justice to all family models, we also offer our employees the opportunity to work part-time.

Would you like to take on responsibility and lead one of our teams? When selecting our managers, only experience and personal commitment count. Our corporate culture aims to ensure fairer career and development opportunities across all career levels.

Other measures

We continuously update and optimise our internal processes and introduce new initiatives. We are currently digitising the majority of our processes in order to create the basis for a paperless office. Until then, we are using recycled paper for our printed documents.

We also take sustainability into account when creating our marketing materials. For example, our company shirts are vegan and made with organic cotton. To avoid long transport routes, we have our print products produced in regional print shops as far as possible.

For the well-being of our employees, we offer free fruit and drinks in addition to weekly massage appointments. We make sure to buy seasonal and regional products, provide water in glass instead of plastic bottles and, in addition to organic cow's milk, also offer plant-based alternatives.

Initiative for more sustainability

The IT Sonix Sustainability Guild

At the end of 2019, a group of committed Sonix employees got together and founded our Sustainability Guild, with the aim of strengthening sustainability awareness and taking concrete steps in the direction of increased sustainability.

Logo of the Sustainability Guild

In our company everyone is encouraged to get actively involved and promote the concept of sustainability with their ideas. To this end, the members of the Sustainability Guild meet regularly to evaluate previous actions, develop new measures and plan their practical implementation. Our sustainability officer chairs the Guild meetings and coordinates external communication. She works closely with the management and also with Data Respons in order to make our activities more sustainable and to achieve our climate targets.

Your contact persons

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Marcel Haelke & Carolin Kohl
Sustainability Officers
Do you have any questions about our sustainability measures or maybe suggestions? Our Sustainability Officers will be happy to speak to you.