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We are an IT company who specialise in developing bespoke software and customising standard software. We also advise on processes and conduct research in collaboration with renowned universities. What motivates us in our work is always the satisfaction of our customers. Every one of our over 150 employees contributes their individual strengths to achieve this aim and is part of the IT Sonix team.

Our company history

Founded in 2011 as IT SONIX AG, our roots go back to the turn of the millennium. In 1999, itCampus GmbH was founded as a spin-off of the universities of Leipzig and Halle with the aim of retaining young and motivated business informatics alumni in the region. Employees from this time are still with us today and support us with their many years of expertise.

In 2011, Dr Andreas Lassmann relaunches part of itCampus as IT SONIX AG and two strategic business areas.

In 2014, the AG is finally transformed into IT Sonix Custom Development GmbH, marking not only our company foundation but also the start of our success story.

Four years later, a big step towards international networking follows: IT Sonix becomes a 100% subsidiary of the Data Respons Group. Data Respons is one of the leading players in the market for digitalisation, embedded technologies and IoT. The integration into the corporate group results in synergy effects that enable us to offer our customers an even broader range of individualised solutions.

In spring 2022, the management team changes. Artur Schiefer and Jan Landmann continue to be part of the management team, which now expands to three people of equal rank with Franziska Beer.

How we work

The foundation of our success story is strongly linked to the way we work with our customers and employees. Our values are very important to us and are reflected in the opportunities we offer to our employees beyond their actual work.

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Science and Practice

With Artur Schiefer, Franziska Beer and Jan Landmann, our management team is made up of long-standing employees who, in addition to their professional expertise, also have a comprehensive knowledge of the company. In this way, we succeed in maintaining the proximity to the region and the solidarity with our customers that is important to us. From the IT location of Leipzig, we want to change the world of our customers with smart solutions and, through our decisions, have an impact on the positive and sustainable development of interests in society as a whole.

We also find expert support through our Scientific Advisory Board with connections to the universities in the region. This keeps us up to date with future generations of technology.

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