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First Official World Usability Day in Leipzig organised by IT Sonix

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On 9/11/2017, IT Sonix organised the first official World Usability Day in Leipzig – a conference encompassing 12 presentations, a workshop and much more.

In 2017, IT Sonix organised the first official World Usability Day (WUD) in Leipzig. This global campaign day aims to raise and deepen awareness of technology as a key factor in understanding, developing and enhancing human potential.

IT Sonix organised a conference day on the theme of “Inclusion through User Experience”. It encompassed 12 exciting lectures and a workshop. The launch proved enormously popular; the interesting programme brought around 100 visitors to the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences.

For us, inclusion means everyone enjoying equal access to information, services and opportunities in the digital world. Future-oriented individuals, usability professionals and representatives from industry, education and public institutions met to discuss a fairer future.

The numerous lectures were dedicated to the theme of inclusion from different points of view relating to usability and user experience. In addition to aspects such as accessibility or universal design, opportunities to promote broader inclusion in the use of AI systems were also identified.

Usability must fulfil the demands of society as a whole, offering equal opportunities to all. A global user experience can, therefore, make an important contribution to achieving the goal of inclusion.

WUD 2017 exceeded not only our own expectations but also those of all the participants and speakers. We would like to thank our partners, sponsors and helpers for this successful event.