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Caggtus Reloaded


When loads of hardware and numerous inflatable beds and sleeping bags are carted into the Leipzig Ex...

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Sustainability Guild


We think of innovations holistically and pay attention to sustainable solutions - both in our projects and in our everyday office life. Our colleagues in the IT Sonix Sustainability Guild, whom we introduce in this article, make a major contribution to this.

UID Simplicity


After a successful first half, today we start the second half of our blog series UXD World in Transition with a no less exciting topic: UID Simplicity.

IT Sonix Hackathon


For a "breath of fresh Xpert air", we are organising the IT Sonix Hackathon for students and alumni on 15 December.

move IT


On the occasion of "National Candy Day", we would like to take the opportunity to present our sports contest "move IT" in more detail.

Minimum Viable Product


It's time. Our blog series UXD World in Transition, in which our UX and UID Xperts talk a bit from the inside, starts.

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