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Highly innovative, user-friendly solution for credit cards & banking

“In collaboration with IT Sonix GmbH, we have modernised our system platform and customer front ends, and placed them in the cloud. We, and most importantly the users, are more than satisfied with the result.”

Michael Schott | Senior Vice President IT & Development

Since 2015, we have carried out extensive tasks in the areas of project management, software development and user experience design for the XPAY GROUP on behalf of Finatix GmbH.

Key areas of cooperation


The common objective of the cooperation is to provide companies with secure and individually configurable credit card and banking products.

Key factors

  • Usability
  • Financial IT
  • Performance
  • Data load
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Data protection and data security
  • System availability and automation capability
  • DevOps and cloud development


  • We are responsible for all development work including requirements analysis and project management up to implementation and delivery
  • Close collaboration between our product owners, Scrum masters and experts from software architecture and development as well as user experience design in integrated teams
  • Requirements workshop at XPAY in Munich
  • Ongoing optimisation and expansion of the XPAY platform to include innovative functions


Customers of the XPAY GROUP can access to a flexible, modern banking front end with an intuitive and ergonomic user interface. In combination with the redesigned market presence, this has enhanced the benefits and acceptance of the XPAY product offering even further. In addition, the quality, performance, scalability and reliability have been significantly improved as a result of transferring to the cloud computing service AWS (Amazon Web Services). The powerful back end forms the middleware for processing cards and card programmes between the issuing bank, the processor, the partner companies and the cardholders.


A full design sprint and user research are already being planned. The concept of a user-friendly and innovative mobile app will be expanded and a user evaluation of the web application will be carried out.

Additionally, further ideas will be implemented on this reliable and productive basis in to accelerate the growth of XPAY and broaden the business model.

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IT consulting, software development, user experience design

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Since 08/2015

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30 developer years

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