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Level up - our first X-Force LAN

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Last week, the time finally arrived to transform part of our office space into a gamezone with organized tournaments and Steam vouchers for the first three places. Big classics such as CS2, FC 24 and Mario Kart were played until the early hours of the morning. Of course, there was also a Minecraft server. Pizza and a variety of drinks were provided for physical well-being.

An event like this requires a lot of planning beforehand: finding a room and a date as well as coordinating the games. The event was organised by Peter Hoffmann, the long-standing head of our X-Force. The group, which was founded almost five years ago, has spent many entertaining evenings together since then. But they don't just indulge in their passion for games behind closed office doors. Our X-Force has also successfully participated in public events such as DreamHack and Caggtus.

Speaking of Caggtus ... while for some the main focus was on having fun, our LAN was also the first acid test for this year's X-Force team. They will be heading to Caggtus again from 5 to 7 April, where they will once again compete with other teams at what is planned to be Germany's biggest LAN.

At IT Sonix, we stand for an open corporate culture and want to create space for personal development for our employees, even outside of work. As an IT company, we value the creative energy and team spirit that comes from gaming and are proud of our gamers.