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Women Rock! Day

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Today is "Women Rock! Day" and because we think that women in IT & Software Development really rock, three of our employees tell us more about their everyday work and related topics that are particularly close to their hearts in this article.

We have 24.5 % women working in our company and this is a figure that we would like to see grow further in the coming years. To mark this occasion, we would like to celebrate on "Women Rock! Day" and give you an insight into the everyday working lives of three of our IT employees.

Let's start with Franziska, a long-time employee who joined our new Management Team last March. She started in User Experience Design and is now also responsible for Consulting and Sales. We asked her how her previous career has impacted her new role, and she had some interesting things to tell us.

“I have known IT Sonix for many years and was initially able to support project work as a Freelance User Interface Designer. Five years ago, I decided to join IT Sonix on a permanent basis to become part of a bigger picture. As a result, I was entrusted with the UXD Team Lead in one of the companies in the group. With the merger of the companies about two years ago, a new team of professionals emerged to deal with interdisciplinary issues of Product Development more intensively. With this team, I had the chance to reflect in detail on my experiences from the past years of practice.

Now I have been in my role as a part of the new Management Team for a few months. What helps me in all these different professional roles is the ability to develop a deep understanding of all those involved, whether users, customers or employees.

My professional origins are in Product Design, which I studied many years ago. I have always been fascinated by the importance of designing products and services so that they can be used intuitively and accepted by users. An essential basis for this is to think about the people for whom things are designed. For me, this perspective and attitude are the compass of my daily work.”

Our next interview partner has also been with us for many years and started in Software Development. Now, in addition to her work as a Software Developer in one of our energy projects, she also leads our Quality Assurance Team and is also a Sustainability Officer. From Carolin we wanted to know what has changed since she started and what this has to do with her role as Team Leader.

“I joined itCampus straight after graduating and have stayed with the company that became IT Sonix without interruption ever since. I originally came from the field of Business Mathematics and wrote a programme for the maintenance of electricity pylons in my diploma thesis. I was placed directly with the company through the university. It wasn't that I necessarily wanted a leading position. In my project, I often took care of Test Automation, which is still part of my job today. Because of my professional qualifications, I was nominated for Team Lead in the Quality Assurance team. With the support of my co-workers, I got used to this role.

This willingness to help is something I really appreciate about the company, whether it's the Management, employees from Software Development or the staff teams, everyone always has an open ear and helps within the scope of their possibilities. In general, the company offers many opportunities to contribute and implement your own ideas. For me personally, sustainability has gained a lot of importance over the last few years and I thought that this is something that can't just stay in the private sphere in order to change something. After an internal workshop, we founded our Sustainability Guild and have since been taking concrete steps to strengthen sustainability awareness throughout the company.

What has changed since I started here? As a Team Leader, my administrative tasks have increased. I am often in meetings, also in coordination with the Management. These and other tasks, as well as attending various events, have raised my profile within the company. Those who want to move up are encouraged to do so and opportunities are sought for their individual path.”

Now we come to Negin, who recently joined our company as a Software Developer and rounds off our interview series. We asked her how she came to Software Development and how she felt about her start with us.

“I have only been in Germany for five months. Before that, I studied at the University of Technology in Urmia and IT Sonix is my first employer here. Of all the job advertisements, the one from IT Sonix suited me best. I have already worked in Iran for four years as a Full-stack .NET Developer. I have always been interested in computers and video games, and it was clear to me relatively early on that I would study something related to technology. Above all, my boyfriend at the time and now husband always encouraged me in my plans to study Computer Science.

My start at IT Sonix couldn't have been better. I particularly appreciate the flat hierarchies and helpfulness of all employees. Of course, everything was new to me at the beginning and I had to learn a lot of things before I could execute my first source codes. The frequency of Scrum Meetings is also new to me. The biggest change for me is the German language, but even here I got a lot of support from the company, which supports me with a German course, for example.”

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