IT Sonix Hackathon

As an IT company with long-standing ties to universities and colleges, we are one of the links between business and research in Saxony. Leipzig is already one of the most attractive IT locations in Germany - and to keep it that way, we are always on the lookout for new Xperts who would like to contribute their IT expertise to us. At the same time, we promote the exchange between science and the working world - one of the driving factors in the development of future-oriented technologies.

For a "breath of fresh Xpert air", we are organising the IT Sonix Hackathon for students and alumni on 15 December. Here, young people get the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have learned during their studies in practice. As an IT company, we pay attention to the implementation of sustainable solutions that will also last in the future, both in our projects and in our everyday office life. We are currently looking for people with a strong will to innovate in order to help us improve our processes behind the in-house sports contest "move IT" as part of our hackathon. The hackathon team that comes in first will receive prize money of €250 per person in addition to all the appreciation.

Interested? All information about the IT Sonix Hackathon can be found here: IT Sonix Hackathon